Top Ten viral videos made by companies for product promotion

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A viral video is one that becomes “popular” through the process of Internet sharing, mostly using video sharing websites like Youtube, Metacafe , Vimeo etc, they get shared again and again by millions of people in social networking sites like Facebook,Orkut,twitter etc. By recent advancement in smart phones and user friendly video editing application lots of viral videos are made every day by amateurs. Have a look at some of such videos.

1. 1984 Apple MAC [9.8Million views]

One of the oldest Apple Ad, this featured viral introduced the MAC to the world, the video contains bored people who are watching a movie and suddenly a lady comes and tears the screen, the scrolling text goes like this “..And you will see why 1984 won’t be like 1984”, true to this jobs and wozniac made revolution in computer.

2. Cisco – The Future of Shopping [7 Million views]

This commercial form the world’s largest network manufacturer cisco, unveiling the future way of shopping the digital mirror, this will automatically displays an image of you with the selected dress; this makes you to have a look at a dress without wearing it.

3. Mac Vs. PC [ 8 Million views]


This very famous and most watched Apple commercial which was broadcasted on TV, this features a fat old man (to mock bill gates) and young and modern man (jobs),this became very famous so they made so many Ads of this kind, even once Jobs gave a keynote speech this Ad was played.


4. Samsung Galaxy [5 Million views]

This 5Million view hit Samsung Galaxy Ad viral video is very popular because the uniqueness, this features a small girl dancing in a carpet and after some time two women and men will be dancing just like the small girl, this circle will be going big and big and only at the end you come to know this is an AD!

5. Corning – A Day of Glass [ 19 Million views]

Many viral videos become viral because of the graphics and touch used, this is one of those kinds, this video features corning glass technology combined with Microsoft’s “surface computing concept” and this viral video is more or less like a science fiction movie

6. Google chrome : Dear Sophie [ 6 Million views]

This Viral video is from Google, an Ad for Google chrome and Gmail; this was very famous because of the nerdy nature, showing beautiful relationship sharing between a father and a daughter, the nerd father store every single important moment with gmail so that he can share with her in future.

7. Why this kolaveri Di [57 Million views]

This megahit viral video is from a South Indian movie named “3”, this song is from Sony, because of the lyrics and funny music it became very viral and people who don’t even know the language enjoyed it and shared it, people all over the world started uploading their own version of the song, even an app was released which had collection of all Kolaveri’s.

8. Angry birds [ 60 Million views]

This viral video is Ad for the most downloaded game in both android and ITunes store “the angry birds and mighty eagle”, this video actually became viral after people started loving the game, this video made this massive hit because of the very different Hero and Villain, music is a plus to the video.

9. Avatar Extended trailer [22 Million views]

This is trailer of Million dollar box office hit movie “Avatar” from the Oscar winning director, this video was viral automatically as this project had lot of expectation and the link below was the extended trailer of the movie.

10. Justin Bieber Baby [749 Million views]

This viral video is highest in this collection with 749 Million views; this is a song from the Canadian Lyrist and actor “Justin bieber”, this video is famous because of the actual song “Baby”.

Businesses in particular should invest in viral video marketing and get millions of views for their product or company. You can start this process by hiring a good video production company and taking it from there.


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