USB Typewritter- Give rebirth to your antique typewriter

July 10, 2012 | by

Emotionally attached with your old type writer?  Feeling bad to throw it off? don’t worry now you can give a second life to your old companion. An innovative technique  helps you to use your antique type writer as keyboard of PC, Mac or Tablet. This USB adaptor transform a conventional typewriter into to a Keyboard.

typewriter keyboard

You can use the retro-fitted type writer as your main keyboard or type with ink on paper. Yeah..will get a soft and hard copy as you type. The device comes as a D.I.Y kit which is designed to work on almost all manual typewriters. The only requirement is that there should be and easily accessible crossbar underneath the typewriter where they keys strikes.

After the retro fitment your typewriter will just work as a USB keyboard which can be plugged into any compatible devices. The device supports PC, Mac, Linux, iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Lenovo ThinkPad, Motorola Xoom, Galaxy SII, Nokia N810 / N900, Acer Iconia Tab A500, Toshiba Thrive and many more. A  tablet that supports “USB OTG” or “USB Host” mode will work with this USB Typewriter.

USB typewriter is the brain child of Philadelphian geek Jack Zylkin. His website captions “ A Ground Breaking advancement in the field of Obsolescence “. Detailed instructions are available as an instructable project. If you have a little bit soldering and assembling skills can go for a DIY kit which costs 79 US$ plus shipping charges. A fully assembled ready to use USB typewriter costs you 799US$ plus shipping. I am planning to make my hands dirty with a DIY kit after confirming the shipment terms to India. What about you?


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