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June 25, 2012 | by

Many have the feeling why you should have a website when the business is already in fire right now, while some other feel its additional debt to the balance sheet, while some may have idea of creating a website but don’t know where to start and how to start as they are novice internet user, if you belong to any of these category, don’t worry, there are many free tools for you to create a free website today and trust me you will kick start creating a new one as soon you finish reading this. We bring you the concrete reason why you need a website to your business.

Old marketing strategy is in Grave.


No one is using Phone book any more to find where your store is and take a cab ride to visit and make a purchase or order a product through your White collar well groomed sales rep! these marketing strategy have RIP in this Digital era where shopping through Droids brings lots of pleasure and comfort to people.

Being Discovered.


People use Search engines like Google and Bing to find what products will suit them and where to buy them, which will include options like customer review about the service and leave a rating for that. When you don’t have an optimized website you lose these easy customers, you lose a chance of easily marketing you product.

Mass coverage.



You can sell unimaginable number of quantity once you have an optimized website, remember designing and making it popular is one time work and the selling will commence immediately, you just need to maintain and make sure it reaches the customer when they type keyword in search engine, by this you can cover a lot of customers than traditional ones which you are doing right now.

Reduce work of customer.


By having a website you save lot of your valuable time, energy and money of you and your customers, like having a FAQ section where customers can find their answers instantly or getting reply for a query instantly via email while they are work or driving.

Social Network integration.




With a well-designed website and integration with social networking sites with Facebook, twitter and Google+ buyers constantly update about their Wishlist, wantlist etc. They also update about recent purchases they made and their review about the company and product, in this scenario if you have a website you lure the customer who is constantly watching what his friends/relative buys, it has really become a prestige to update status in Social networking site about their orders through websites. If u have a website you always remember customers are just one click away.

Easy Analysis of customer behavior.



You can always have metrics and measurements about your business reach in just a click, it’s easy to find whether your tactics are working on customers in matter of seconds. Search engine optimization is another online marketing tactic which has many free tools for you to use. It gives best answers for important questions like what are your customers searching for? You can target that search term and reap the benefits through website.


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