What is Twitter Follower Churning?

February 27, 2012 | by

Twitter has become one of the go to places on the internet and is the only place where people can keep in contact with celebrities, family, friends all in one place at the simplest of ease.But there are some things that bring Twitter down in terms of user experience and one of those things is called Twitter “Follower Churning” sometimes also referred to as “Aggressive Following” in the same context.

So what is this follower churning?

Follower churning is the process where a Twitter user follows and unfollows a large number of users in a short span of time and repeats this process regularly over a period of time.You do not need to worry if you follow and un-follow 10 or 15 people on a daily basis, but you do need to be aware that Twitter does not like it if you follow and un-follow 100’s of people everyday.

Twitter may suspend a users account or even permanently delete the account if found to be extensively involved in Follower Churning, usually this process is either intentionally or unintentionally done by those people who use easy Twitter Follower Exchange websites like Twiends etc.

Why Does Twitter Frown Upon Follower Churning?


Any website be it a blog or a social network strives to make its visitors feel good and make them want to come back again, but with practices such as Follower Churning and Aggressive Following, users may experience big ups and downs when it comes to the follower count, this creates a bad atmosphere for users who are really using Twitter to keep up with friends, family, companies etc.

Twitter does not like the fact that a few spamming users who follow and unfollow large number of users can make honest users not want to use Twitter again.

So that is the complete scoop on Twitter Follower Churning.


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