3 Technological Gadgets to Make Your Home More Secure

March 18, 2011 | by

With the high rate of theft and robbery in the world today the importance of security is now becoming clearer to a lot of people. It has been observed that every single year the rate of crime in the world keeps on increasing and there is no sign of it slowing down soon: The world population is always increasing and with the increased rate of unemployment and a lot of needs waiting to be satisfied we can expect theft and robbery to increase. So what do we do? Our best bet is to work on making our homes more secure by installing the right equipments and by notifying authorizes whenever an intruder is detected in order to prevent ourselves from falling victims of theft and armed robbery.

This post will be giving you 3 major technological gadgets you can’t do without in your home today.

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A Motion Detection Camera System

The first technological device you need to really make your home secure is a motion detection camera. As the level of crime increases in the world so does the technology to combat it and this is where a motion detection camera comes in handy.

What a motion detection system does is that it notifies you immediately a movement is detected in your vicinity and you can easily take other steps from here. When trying to get a motion detection system you should also make sure it is the latest one you get and that the device you get is compatible with your pets because there have been cases of pets triggering motion detection systems.

A Solid Alarming System

It doesn’t matter how solid your home security system is or how powerful your motion detection system is there is nothing you can do if you don’t know that something is going on in your home. Another very important gadget you need to make your home more secure is a solid alarming system linked to your motion detection camera so that you will be notified anytime an intruder is spotted in your home.

You should also make sure your alarming system is linked with your mobile device so that you will be alerted of movement in your home irrespective of where you are in the world. Most solid home security systems come with an alarming system so there is often little to worry about.

An Event Logging System

You should also know that as technology improves so do people. A lot of thieves and burglars are very conversant with the latest technological gadgets and improvements so they know when to trigger and alarm and how to prevent it, and worse, many of them know how to easily escape should there be a problem. This is where having an event logging system comes in.

Having an event logging system will make sure you know what is happening in your home even if you’re not around and this is most helpful in case you have a suspect you want to record. All you need to do is check your logs and get all the evidences you need (such as the pictures of the suspect and videos of him/her in action) and then deliver it to the authorities.


While the above are some solid technological gadgets you should have to make your home more secure you should know that you can easily get all these by purchasing a solid home security system that has everything incorporated.


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