A free online operating system with 30 GB storage and a bundle of applications

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Google’s open source  new operating system Chromium triggered the development of Cloud computing concept. Now another Operating System “Glide”  offers a bundle of applications and an online storage of 30 Gb.  In the cloud computing system users do not possess hardware. The users data stored in the reliable servers of service providers and the whole operating system is based on web browser, which can be accessed through any internet enabled computers  irrespective of operating system.


Glide is an Operating system developed by TransMedia is  based on cloud computing.  Glide OS provides automatic file and application compatibility across devices and operating systems. With Glide OS you also get the Glide Sync App which helps you to synchronize your home and work files. This is basically a flash based web application. According to the TransMedia statement, “Glide lives on your desktop, in your browser and in the cloud accessible from virtually any mobile phone or desktop. Glide creates a two-way automated corridor of data from any location on the Web through your browser to your desktop, automatically capturing and translating Web pages and multiple search results into files that can be synchronized, accessed and edited on all of your devices.”


Very simple and easy user registration.

Go to and select a plan. There are three plans available  Glide free (30 Gb  online) Glide premium monthly (250 GB, 25 users , 4.9$ per month), Glide premium yearly (49.95$ per year per 250 GB,  25 users).


Advertisement free.

The OS is presently 100 % advertisement free.

30 GB online storage.

The Glide free package offers a 30 GB of online storage drive without any individual file size restrictions Which make this one of the largest free storage offerings on the Web.  You can store, view and download your photos, music, videos, documents, contacts, calendars and bookmarks in the GDrive.

hard diskUser friendly interface.

The desktop environment of Glide is also looking similar to the conventional OS. Users can create a target folder right from the user interface, and Glide OS 4.0 will automatically drop the web content to a synchronized personal or synchronized collaboration folder for offline and online access.


Built in Web designer

A built in web designer based on flash will enable to make  a simple flash web site. Your domain will be The site will be look like this



Glide is embedded with a lot of professional applications like Word processor, Spreadsheets, Photo editor, Drawing, Calender, Organizer, Presentation maker etc.

photo editor

Micro Blogging

Glide Engage, a micro-blogging tool like twitter with a lot of social media sharing functionality layered on. Engage allows you to micro-blog messages of 1,400 characters in length, which addresses the sometimes confining 140-character limit of Twitter. You can also embed media files and links in your posts with a single click. Your media files are organized in the background in the Glide file management system, which allows users to store as much as 10GB of their docs and media “in the cloud” for easy access, sharing and collaboration with other Gliders.

micro bloging glide

One Sync application

Install Glide One for automatic synchronization of all of your files and information with Glide. Easily upload your photos, music, video, documents, contacts, calendars and bookmarks. Glide One will automatically sync files you create and edit online in Glide and on your local desktops, keeping all of your files in sync all of the time. You can even create and edit files in Glide on your mobile device, and automatically sync them to your local computer desktop(s). In addition to keeping your files in sync, Windows users can import contacts and calendars from Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express and the Windows Address book, as well as bookmarks from Internet Explorer, Safari and Firefox. Mac Users can import contacts from the Mac Address Book and events from iCal calendars as well as bookmarks from Safari, Camino and Firefox. Linux and Solaris users can import contacts from Thunderbird LDIF files, Sunbird iCalendar files as well as bookmarks from Firefox.

syncGlide extensions for browsers

Glide OS is available as an extension for Firefox3, Internet Explorer and Google chrome which enable to access this OS more flexibly

New Developments

As per Transmedia statement , “In the first half of 2010, Glide will release a bootable version of the Glide OS for Netbooks, making it possible to launch the Glide OS at start up,”. “The Glide Netbook OS will provide a unified desktop, file management system, a comprehensive suite of native versions of the Glide Application Suite, offline access to your communication and collaboration suite, and data capture and sync technology to provide a cost-effective alternative to Windows for specialized niche markets like health care and education.”


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