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Mobile VoIP is slowly become a reality from something that was just an imagined facility. There are different software applications developers who are dedicatedly working to offer more and more facilitating apps. One such app is the mobile VoIP app made by Acrobits which is available for iPhone users. Today we are going to review what utilities this app can really offer.

Features of the Acrobits mobile app

  • Google voice integration facility offered
  • Outstanding sound quality and support for the audio codecs G.711, GSM, and iLBC. You can also additionally get support for G.729 by paying some extra money.
  • The number re-writing allows you to use the same contact details for all incoming and outgoing calls without the need to re-enter all of them for the softphone itself.
  • The app also supports the BlueTooth feature for iPhone with OS 3.1 or higher operating system versions.
  • You can also prioritize the usage of codecs that you want to use so you don’t have to sift through each one while using the app every time.
  • This app supports many languages so you don’t have to worry about understanding it, including English, Chinese, Danish, Korean, Spanish and many others.
  • There is also a quick dial feature through with which you can quickly dial 12 favorite numbers from the list of all your contacts.
  • The app also has a contact search function so instead of searching for a contact in case of urgency, you can easily find one through this feature.
  • Push notification makes it easy to receive calls even when the app is closed.
  • Easy to navigate through menu makes it smoother to run the phone.
  • You can also register multiple SIP accounts through this Acrobits mobile VoIP app.
  • The app also supports speaker phone so you can talk hands-free too.

This is just one aspect of using the mobile VoIP phone that you have a good app that you can install on your smart phone and starting enjoy your internet phone on your mobile. But this is not the end of the story, unless you have subscribed to a good quality VoIP like Axvoice, you won’t be able to get all the benefits that you really wanted in the first place. Let us see what a good VoIP is and what you should look for to find one.

Start from the service features. A good softphone can offer you a lot of useful features but your phone service should also be able to have support for those features too. Many advanced softphone software offer a lot of feature but when it comes to the phone service you come to know that it is not offered by your phone service provider.

Secondly, also consider the calling rates because most people like to use internet phone on their cell phone because it is cheaper. What will be the advantage of having this phone service if you cannot reap the cost benefits?

For a last check, see the customer reviews of each VoIP provider that you have short listed and choose the one which has got the best reviews.

This guest post has been written by Zach Ripples who has great expertise in writing articles on VoIP technology. For guest blogging in Techlineinfo, go through the guidelines


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