Apple Released iTunes Security Update

June 19, 2010 | by

When it comes to iTunes we all know that it’s a great multimedia player that can easily sync your files between your Mac and iPhone, iPod or iPad. Also great feature of iTunes is the iTunes Store through which you can purchase and download music, music videos, television shows, iPod games, ringtones and movie rentals. It’s all in one multimedia solution that is available both for Mac and PC and on mobile devices.

With iTunes popularity comes the need for security therefore Apple has released security update for iTunes. We have seen Mac OS update and Safari update, but now it’s iTunes’s turn. Apple just fixed more than 40 security issues with the latest patch and the current version of iTunes 9.2 should be a lot safer than before. Most users would think that security issues exist only on Windows version of iTunes but the main problem is in Safari. As you know, Safari is quite vulnerable to security attacks and since iTunes is using the WebKit HTML engine, the same engine that Safari is using, iTunes inherited some of the Safari’s vulnerabilities. In fact, there are two security bugs that will allow execution of remote code that could be fatal to your security.

Besides security updates and fixes, new iTunes 9.2 has several new features. For example, iTunes is now fully compatible with iPhone 4 and you’ll be able to sync and enjoy your favorite music, movies and TV shows on the go. Also you will be able to sync, read and organize books and PDF documents with iOS 4 and with iBooks 1.1. Now you can organize your apps on your iOS 4 home screen into folders with iTunes application. Synchronizing has also been improved and now you can perform backups faster while syncing files with your iPhone or iPod Touch. In addition, performances have been improved and now scrolling is a lot faster than before.

By fixing the security bugs and by adding new features Apple has proven why the iTunes is one universal media player. We can only say great job Apple.

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