Ask Yourself – Should I Start My Own Blog ?

March 15, 2011 | by

Should I start doing blogging? If you are the one who is inspired from any of your blogger friend and thinking about starting your own blog, before that I would like to suggest you to ask this question “Should I start My own Blog?” from yourself (from your heart).


Fact Behind the Question

The question looks very simple from outside, but the question is a very complex one. Because this single question arises many other questions like, I want to start blogging, should I purchase the new domain or go with free blogging platforms? Next question arises, am I good at explanation and expression? because blogging is all about your thoughts and how you express them. One more question arises; will I be able to find it interesting? And the last question, will I be able to update my blog regularly?

Most of the newbies don’t care about these questions, they just find the answer of direct question and get the answer from weak motivation (which lasts for a small time) i.e. YES, START A BLOG and later everything goes in hell.

So today I thought to share my personal experience with all my blogger friends and upcoming bloggers.

Problems Faced by Upcoming Bloggers

If you are thinking of starting a new blog, it will be best to start with a free platform, in future if you find it interesting than move to top-level domain. There is no use of wasting money in weak motivation. It is recommended to first start with free platforms, build up confidence and interest and move ahead.

Next problem comes up with the expression and explanations, it is the most important point to be considered because blogging is all about reading and writing. If you are writing content, but you are not able to explain it well and express it well, sorry you need to improve on it. If you can’t fulfill, excuse blogging. Don’t get de-motivated; start with something else in which you are best 🙂

If I talk about interest, it very simple, interests are not developed from birth. Interests are not in-built; they need to be raised externally and forcibly. But the fact is if you started building interest and you are not able to achieve interest, you will not be able to give your 100%. I would like to suggest you to try to find interest and make your path easy.

Updating your blog regularly comes under the category of time management. There is nothing special in it, because blogging is just like a project which you have to complete and for trying and understanding new things, you need to save some time for that from your busy schedule. If you have enough time and will be able to manage a blog, I strongly recommend you to join the blogosphere, have fun and make a large network and get huge exposure too !

So what you are thinking about? I hope your doubts are clear now! If you have any doubts, do share them with me. I will be happy to help you. 🙂


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