Future of Microsoft Certifications; Will it Be Worthless?

August 18, 2011 | by

Microsoft Certification is a program in which the IT professionals are trained. There are different fields of information technology and each field needs some specialists to design and redesign the models and programs required for online working. The online working is really tough job because there are some considerations that make the online working difficult. Lack of personal attention and care is the biggest drawback of online certification programs. However, Microsoft is one of the biggest names among leading information technology companies. Microsoft is working in near about all the fields of information technology to make the work of internet comfortable and easy for the people.

Today’s role of Microsoft Certification:

It is clear from the above discussion that Microsoft is a big name and it is playing important role to develop and establish the online media with the help of continuous and advance programs. The advance programs are equipped with latest features that are the need of time. Because of tremendous progress and development in information technology and computers it has become important to develop some new certification programs that can support the upcoming time. When the features and options of internet and information technology were less than the desires the need of new qualified professionals was more but with the passage of time and advancement in the information technology the skills and requirements required in a Microsoft Certified programmer are increased so there is no way except to think about new ways.

Inflation of Microsoft Certification:

As mentioned in many studies and articles related to the fates of Microsoft Certifications it is demonstrated by the experts that there is an inflation of certification. This situation is not hopeful for the people who are looking to start the Microsoft Certification programs or who want to be a Microsoft Certified programmer. The Microsoft Certification has become equal to any university diploma or degree program. The value of this training is increasing that’s why the merit is also rising up which making the situation worst for the people who were looking to participate in Microsoft Certification programs as a minor or part time diploma program.

Reshaping Microsoft Certification:

Microsoft Certification authority has recently changed the layout or formula of examination. The old paper or exam models were not eligible to meet with the future requirements of the information technology so specialists of IT started to change the course contents and training schedules. Definitely, it is bad for the previous Microsoft Certified professionals because after the introduction of new plans and methods they will be required to do refreshing courses but the people who will start programming under new formula of examination will learn more about the latest technologies and application so it will be better for them and information technology sectors.

Are the innovative Certifications operational?

Everyone is looking forward to get some informative press release about the operational potential of new programs and certification methods.  New certifications are beneficial for all people working online such as IT professionals, online businessmen and workers who are seeking IT jobs.

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