How to be successful in affiliate marketing without having a website

November 21, 2010 | by

Affiliate marketing is growing trend and is becoming more and more profitable. It’s really easy to begin your career as one, because all you need is to register in one of many affiliate programs. Most of the time you can do it even for free. However a lot of people a still reluctant to take on this and one of the main reason of this is conviction that in order to be successful in affiliate marketing you have to have website. In this article I will provide few ways on how to do it successfully without having a website.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most popular way to make money in affiliate marketing without owning a website. All you need to to have a list of emails of your potential costumers. Your task is to provide them with information that is relevant with products you are trying to sell them. Don’t try to be overly promoting, because a lot of people may consider your emails as spam and be deterred by it. Best idea is to send them informative and interesting articles with few links that leads to your merchant’s website.

Offline Promotion

Don’t limit yourself to online promotion only. You can attract a lot of potential costumers by using offline promotion techniques. Few of them are can be spreading of brochures or flyers. You can even promote yourself trough classified ads.

Free e-books

If you have writing skills it may be a good idea to write a free e-book. As with e-mail promotion don’t try to be overly promotional. Ensure that content of the book is relative to products you are trying to promote and do your best to make it as much informative and easy to read as possible. Place links leading to your merchant’s website at the end of the book as a way for costumer to get “more information”

Free E-zines

E-zines is another great way to promote your products if you don’t have a website. Same content rules applies as with e-mails and e-books. Good places to put your e-zines are and

Online discussions

The last thing you just can’t ignore is all the forums, chats, social networks and etc. Just do a little research and find forums that relate to products that you promote. Sign-up and start constructive discussions. In this way all your posts will have signature with link to your merchant’s site. Read the guidelines of forums before using affiliate links as your signature.

These are the main ways how to manage without website in the world of affiliate marketing. Just remember that you can do it without website in the start of your career, but as your business expands it may be a good idea to create one


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