How to reclaim your web sight with digital world Going Blind

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Technology has become an integral part of our daily lives. One cannot imagine passing a single day without the use of technology in one way or the other. Though technology has its own associated benefits and has made life a lot easier, it has also led to some detrimental health consequences.


A majority of the individuals around the world spend hours watching television, playing on laptops or tablets, texting by means of mobile phones, typing on laptops and reading on e-readers on a daily basis without realizing the implications this would have on their health, particularly eye health. Constant use of technology harms the eye sight of an individual; however, it does not permanently damage the eye vision. Therefore, individuals continue to watch television programs as this is a major source of entertainment for them.

Though the implications of technology on eyesight may be understood by individuals, they cannot completely stop using technology as it has now become part of their daily activities. For example, television, a form of technology, has always been central for entertainment purposes. Almost every household in the world has at least one television set on average. Individuals watch numerous entertainment programs by subscribing to various packages.

Since technology cannot be completely avoided, it is essential to address the implications it will have on an individual’s eyesight and take necessary measures to reduce these negative impacts, if not completely eliminate it. With continuous usage of technology, an individual’s eyes are constantly exposed to the harmful rays of technological devices, for example, mobile phones and computers. This would be harmful for eyes as it would result in; eye strain, loss of focus, double vision, blurred vision, sensitivity to lights and itchiness of eyes.

Therefore, it is important to address these implications and take necessary measures to dampen the harmful affects of technology on an individual’s eyes.

Take Some Rest

Offices around the world can never function without the use of computers and individuals operating those computers. On average, an individual spends between five to six hours in office staring at a computer screen five or six days a week. This can obviously have a detrimental affect on the eye health or eye sight of the individual.

Therefore, it is important to take a break of at least twenty seconds after every thirty minutes of computer usage. Look away from your computer screen, at least twenty feet away, and blink continually for at least ten seconds. This will help to regain the moisture of your eyes, even if you are wearing contact lenses. However, it would be even better if you could take a ten-minute break after every two hours away from your work station. Also, for best results, avoid reading during such breaks.

Add Distance

In your office, keep your computer screen far away from your eyes. Though, keeping it close can make it easy to read but it also causes more strain on the visual system of the eye. This is because the nearer the computers screen the more your eyes will need to focus. Therefore, it would be better to keep your computer screens away from your eyes and, if required, increase the font size and adjust the contrast and screen resolution.

Keep Your Eyes Lubricated

Continue to blink your eyes every now and then and also make use of the moistening eye drops. This is very important if you wear contact lenses. One or two drops in each eye after almost every two hours will give some rest to your eyes and maintain their moisture.

Go For Regular Check-Ups

It is essential to get regular check-ups of your overall health, including the health of the eye. Even if you don’t feel anything wrong with your eyes, getting an eye check-up will not do any harm. Instead, it may even point out issues you never knew you had. If you already wear numbered glasses, it is even more important to get regular eye check-ups. This is because the eye sight number changes over time and with the continuous use of technology, there is a possibility that it would increase time and again.

In conclusion, it is important to take proper care to at least reduce the negative impacts, if not completely eliminate them.

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