Sony’s PlayStation 3 Falls 3 Million Units Short Of Microsoft’s Xbox 360

November 14, 2010 | by

This is what the apparent Console War resultant figure tells. Well, the newly released data from each platform holder have been checked out and it comes out as PS3 has sold 41.6 million units worldwide, compared to Xbox 360’s 44.6 million units.

Now, if just the sales from the past quarter are counted on Sony is the clear champ: since May 2010, 5.6 million PS3s have been sold, as compared to Xbox 360s 4.3 million count.

Are you awe-struck?? Let me tell you, there’s nothing to be surprised at all, how long do you expect people to stick to HALO. Come on they are stretching thing on and on. As for the previous reports, they have made indications which lead to the fact that the PS3 console happens to slowly overturn the Xbox 360?s head start, and now to spices things up one analyst is predicting Sony’s tortoise will grab second place (behind Nintendo’s all-conquering Wii) from their rival Microsoft’s share hopefully by the end of 2012.

As it happens both figures are pretty impressive, Sony has had a stronger take in 2010 than it’s rival Microsoft with over 8.1 million PS3s sold.  Let me tell you, that’s if you care to know, Microsoft currently holds a strong grasp on sales in North America, but as it is Sony is selling well in Japan, while PAL regions the race is still close. Now, with Microsoft releasing Kinect in just a couple weeks, it is expected for them to keep the lead if sales remain strong in North America; on the other hand, Sony awaits the release of the much anticipated Gran Turismo 5 which is sure to draw gamers in with.

EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich seemed quite enthusiastic to speak on the set of events which kinda is mournfull for Microsoft. According to him,

Worldwide, Sony will eventually take the lead from Microsoft, likely by the end of 2012.  North America is a tougher challenge, and as we have seen lately Microsoft’s lead is widening. I don’t know if the PlayStation 3 will ever overtake the Xbox 360 in North America. Maybe 2014? 2016?

As for Microsoft, well if they don’t care to improvise their systems and offer the consumers some extraordinary features then it seems as Divnich later points out, third place isn’t at all that bad this generation. If you remember Nintendo’s GameCube also did suffer from similar third place finish in the very last console generation, as it managed to sale only around 22 million units. As a matter of fact both the PS3 and Xbox 360 have performed pretty well in that case considering that they have almost doubled that, and they also flaunt a better software tie-in ratio (that is, how many games every console owner is buying).

So, what do you think could this year be win-win for all?


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