SpareOne: A mobile phone with 15 years of battery life

January 10, 2012 | by

My latest powerful smart phone has a capacitive wide touch screen, 4G, xx Megapixel Camera, WiFi, Multi Media players, Bluetooth..blah.. blah… but when just need to talk it loses power or stops working after a couple of minutes? then.. it’s not a joke .. Often “phones” in the “Smarphones” fails to perform in need.  Now a new handset SpareOne featured in CES 2012 aims to work as a basic phone in emergencies, travel or any other outdoor/indoor events. Don’t think that it’s just a cheap basic phone. SpareOne is a mobile phone designed to work with a single AA battery. It is the one and only cell phone in the world powered by a single standard AA Cell.

spare one

If we can believe the words of developers, with a single Energizer Ultimate Lithium AA battery, this handset can hold its charge for 15 Years (if stored unused) !!. In emergency this battery will give you 10 hrs of talk time. It has an inbuilt LED flash light also.

See the video featuring SpareOne.

SpareOne has no charger, you can use a AA dry cell. No screen and No SMS facility. As a true emergency mobile handset, forget about customized ringtones or other applications. Manufacturers give customization options as per your bulk requirements such as for corporates, Special events, Kids and Mobile service providers. SpareOne suggests some out of the box applications.  An Airline carrier can use this for their passengers arriving in a foreign country. When big events are organized, it  can be used as an economical simple communication device for its participants, visitors and organizers. Keep this in your Kid’s bag or pocket to track them. Mobile careers can supply this as a bundled offer like one number and two SIMs.

Now coming to the price- SpareOne will be available in market shortly and you can bag it for just $ 50.


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