15 Ways Windows Phone Is Better Than Android Phone

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Windows Phone 7 is a rather unique mobile operating system; it does not try to imitate the features of the iPhone. In many areas, Windows phones outperform Android phones. Here are 15 reasons why we think so.

1. Built-In Social Media Integration

The People app pulls in updates from your social media accounts. You don’t have to open your Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn accounts to look for updates; rather, you can view all your updates and notifications within the People app.

2. More Detailed User Profiles

On Windows Phones, you see a lot more in your contact information than just the name, email, and phone number. You can also see how many text messages and emails your contacts have sent you recently. This helps you to quickly realize if you’ve ignored someone for a while and get back to them.

3. Easier Learning Curve

Unless you’re a power user, able to customize, manipulate and get the best out of Android, you might feel a little out of depth. Windows phones allow for an easier learning curve, so that managing your day-to-day tasks becomes much easier.

4. No Need To Wade Through Bad Apps

Android’s biggest advantage is its open-source code, but there’s a flip side to this. You’ll find all kinds of apps, some great and some that are totally not worth your time. Not so with Windows – Microsoft ensures that its strict quality code is met, which means all the apps and the games are above reproach.

5. Has Microsoft LIVE Integration

With Microsoft LIVE integration, you can now find the mobile counterpart of whatever you’ve used on your Windows PC. The list includes Xbox or PC games. You can continue playing on your mobile, keep an eye on your achievements and your buddies’ achievements and even tweak your Xbox Live avatar.

6. Microsoft Mobile Office Integration

Microsoft Office mobile integration ensures that you can remotely access your MS docs via SharePoint Server 2010. You can edit docs, use the Find feature and even email your docs directly from your app.

7. More Streamlined User Interface

Your Android user interface differs based on your handset, which means that the user interface experience on HTC will be vastly different to what you’ll see on Samsung. Not every user likes this kind of ambiguity. With Windows Phones, you know the interface will be the same, no matter who the handset manufacturer is.

8. Greater Stability

Apps run as expected, without the hiccups and crashes users are accustomed to on Android. Windows platform may not have the tethering support and may not allow screenshot captures, but it is far more stable. If you’ve used Netflix and Facebook on Android phones, try using them on Windows phones and you’ll see the difference.

9. You Don’t Have To Pay Per Song

Whether you use iTunes, or Google Music server, you pay per song. With the Zune service on Windows phones, setting up music services is also easy – you don’t have to download Google Music and sync to Google Wallet as you would with Android.

10. No Popups Or Ad-Ware

Whether you’re playing a game, or looking for an app in the Windows Marketplace, you won’t be disturbed with unnecessary Ads or popups. This is very different from the Android experience, being open source and all – you have to keep closing pop-up Ads, sometimes in the middle of your game.

11. User-Friendly Tiles Layout

You can save a lot of time on Windows Phone 7, given the friendly tiles layout. You don’t need to open different applications for social media updates, score and news updates. All your apps are neatly lined in the tiles layout – this makes it much more user-friendly than Android phones.

12. Only One Version Of OS

You won’t have to compromise with your OS version when it comes to Windows. Windows releases its software edition in a timed manner, and mostly following major hardware changes. That’s very different from the various flavors of Android OS you find on different phones these days.

13. Better Looking Apps

Microsoft pulls out all plugs when it comes to aesthetics. The apps are a pure pleasure to work with, since Microsoft pays developers to build apps. These apps are much better in looks and execution when compared to both iPhone and Android apps.

14. Text Messaging Incorporates Facebook Messages As Well

On Windows Phones, you can sync your phone to your Facebook account and switch between Facebook chat and regular text messaging at any time. By doing this, you not only limit your text messaging and save money, but also manage to keep all your contacts updated with the same message.

15. More Consistent Keyboard

Windows Phone 7 has a more consistent keyboard, that’s quick to use and accurate, never mind the device. You cannot say the same for Android phones, except perhaps the Android Sprint Galaxy with its slide-out QWERTY keyboard.

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