The Lowdown on the iPad 2

March 3, 2011 | by

Yesterday the biggest piece of tech news in 2011, and the worst kept secret on the web finally broke cover as Apple finally announced the predecessor to its market leading tablet computer, the iPad. In an amazing streak creative genius, the marketing bods decided to call, it the Ipad2. In all seriousness, the new iPad 2 is a stunning piece of kit, not only is it slimmer than it’s big brother, it is also 15% lighter while still retaining the same ten hours of battery life.

So that’s the dull facts and figures out the way, but how will the iPad 2 make your life more convenient, and more fun? Well, first of all the device now has a front and rear facing camera, this means that video calling is now a possibility, and with a much larger, more detailed screen than the iPhone you will be able to experience every emotion when talking to your loved ones.

Third party companies have made thousands of pounds from selling third party iPhone and iPad accessories. The ‘cover’ market exploded in tandem with the public’s appetite for iPhone’s and Apple have wasted no time in recognising and acting up this trend. For the iPad, they have come up with revolutionary new magnetic cover that ‘snaps’ into place when thrown in the general direction of the screen. The cover also fold sup and doubles as a stand, making typing far easier.

There are a couple of new apps which come as standard on the iPad2, these include the much loved ‘Photo Booth’ which has been a feature on Apple’s desktops for a good few years now. This utilises the front facing camera, allowing users to take and edit pictures of themselves. Key components of the iLife software are also included like Apple’s movie editor, facilitating the creation of great movies on the go.

In summary the iPad 2 is evolution rather than revolution, the bestselling concept has been tweaked and modified in key areas to make it even more efficient, user friendly and fun. One of the USPs of the iPad was arguably its sleek, stylish look, this has been replicated and improve upon on the second iteration, meaning that it will retain the mass appeal that made it so successful the first time  round. Apple have again demonstrated they are a fashion brand as well as a tech brand.

This is a guest post by Joe . He is a tech blogger and Apple enthusiast currently working for a firm that sell gap insurance policies. You can follow him on Twitter @joe__johnson__


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