Toylet- An innovative funny toilet game from Sega Japan

January 19, 2011 | by

It is estimated that three to four years of an average human life spend on toilets.For toilet crazy people this figure will further shoot up.Toylet the toilet game from Sega Japan Most people want their toilet to be aesthetically pleasing. Now another reason to spend more time in toilets. Japanese gaming console company Sega comes with a new toilet game Toylet. Japanese toilets are already famous with innovative electronic sensors ,gadgets etc Foreign tourists  often confuse with the operation part of these high tech toilets.

Toylet is a gaming device installed in public toilets consists of a pressure sensor and an LCD display. The sensors read the pressure and flow of urine which control the game. Four crazy games are available.

Manneken Pis

Manneken Pis is the famous urinating  little boy fountain sculpture . In this game the pressure of the urine is converted into the amount of urine.

Graffiti eraser

In this game a hose which washes the graffiti of a wall. Pressure of urine is controlling the hose. More the pressure quicker the wash.Try how fast you can wash the wall.

The North Wind, Sun and Me

Here the pressure of urine blow up the skirt of a virtual girl. Stronger the stream- Stronger the wind flow.

Milk From Nose

This is a multi player Sumo Game. Here your competition with the person who has used the toilet before you. Two virtual players blows milk from their nose to each other. Force of the milk flow is proportional to the flow of urine. With pressure you can push out your opponent.

Results of the game can be downloaded to a USB drive for reference 🙂

Advertisements are displayed after each game. Sega presents this gaming toilets as a demo product only and will be available till Jan 31 at selected places in Tokyo. Information on commercial production and further installations are not known.

See the demo video of Toylet in action


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