Angry Brides- A game to strike against dowry demands

January 16, 2012 | by

Dowry is a monstrous abuse still predominant in Indian and other south Asian Societies. We can see the different versions of dowry system in almost all communities. Now the leading matrimonial site of India, has launched a new game named Angry Brides- inspired from the popular Android game Angry Birds. This a game launched in their Facebook page  to strike against the dowry culture. angry brides 2

Welcome page of the game says  “ A woman will give you Strength Care & All the love you need …Not Dowry. The page  features an Indian lady like Hindu Goddess Durga with eight hands and household items as weapons (It can ignite a controversy also… Winking smile). You have to like their page and should permit the application to access your basic Facebook information. Now the game starts. Players can choose  variety of weapons to strike against the dowry demanding grooms. Each groom has a dowry price tag and his value dips on every successful attacks by the player. That fund will be added to the player’s Anti Dowry Fund. Players have to raise the money before the clock runs out. Rs 1.5 million is the first level target. A power meter helps you to analyze your best shot.

angry brides

To add more social flavor and competitive spirit ,  “Top Scorer page” and “Share your score button”  buttons are  also given. Angry Brides got more than 2, 27,000 likes after the launch.


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